Starter Pack


Like all great companies, Elemental Knives was born through a marriage of passion, skill and opportunity. More specifically, a love of gaming and a talent for making the imaginary real.

Through trial and error, artistic vision, and dogged innovation, we crafted 10 karambits. Expertly forged from cold hard steel, these figments of fiction and fantasy were the first of their kind. And they still are stunning to behold.


Desire for a blade from Elemental Knives began as a trickle, then a stream, then a raging storm. The original blades turned out to be the works of art that the gaming world always wanted but never knew.

We quickly realized that our small scale wouldn’t be enough to keep up with demand. So we kept innovating, kept pushing the envelope and carving a path into new and exciting territory with each new knives. Many pretenders rose in our wake, but none who could match the transformative spirit that has been our strength.


We’ve managed to cultivate an incredible experience for those who share our passion for beautiful blades. It’s something that everyone should be able to enjoy.

But after listening to feedback from the EK community, it's become clear that our community is not as accessible as it should be to newcomers. That's why we've decided to create the starter pack program.


Through this program we'll be offering three of our original best-selling karambits for just $19 dollars to first-time buyers. These are the knives that EK was built on, and we know that they’ll be an amazing first piece for any new collector.

Our knives usually sell faster than we can restock, and with these amazing prices on best selling items, we're expecting blowout sales.

Get some while the gettin's good.