Roll Charisma RPG Podcast May 2020 Giveaway

Roll Charisma is a tabletop RPG podcast ( think games like dungeons and dragons )  that's run by some friends of ours.

They're doing a giveaway that ends on May 17th 2020, and they're giving us a secret cheat code that will increase your chances to win.

Basically they'll put your name in the drawing twice for the giveaway.

How To Use The Secret Code

1. Use the link at the bottom of this page to go to the giveaway sign up.

2. Sign up for the giveaway. This also gets you on their newsletter (it's awesome trust us).

3. You'll get a confirmation email. Confirm your subscription.

4. You'll get an email that looks like this at the top.

5. Reply directly to that email with this exact password: Elemental Knives
6. You'll get a reply confirming you did it correctly and that's it!


Go To Giveaway Sign Up