Gamma Phase 2 Karambit 1.0

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I’m never let down! I’ve ordered 3 knives over the last year and every one have been perfect. You need to buy at least 1 (2 is better though) of these Karambits, they’re literally amazing..
Christina L.

Gamma Phase 2 Karambit CSGO Skin Comparison

Gamma Phase 2 Karambit 1.0 CSGO Knife Skin Comparison

In this side by side of the real life Gamma Phase 2 Karambit 1.0 and the original CSGO Knife, you can see that this iconic best seller is a faithful real life replica of the in game CSGO Knife. 

Gamma Phase 2 1.0 Knife Specs

-Overall Length: 7.25 Inches

-Blade Length: 3.44 Inches

-Weight: 3.8 Ounces

-Blade Material: Coated Steel

-Handle Material: Molded Poly-carbonate

-Edge: Sharp

-Comes With: Sheath, microfiber cleaning cloth

-Display stand not included

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